Our Philosophy


At the heart of Lola's Apothecary is a vision of beauty and grace. We believe a holistic lifestyle can be enhanced by moments of sensory indulgence. We are inspired to create couture beauty products that marry fine fragrance with effective natural skincare - to bring the sophistication and decadence of luxury cosmetics back into the realm of natural beauty.

From our farm kitchen in the English countryside, we formulate and hand blend beauty wonders in micro batches to ensure freshness and quality. Each bottle encapsulates a miracle of nature: naturally active ingredients and potent botanical extracts are ethically sourced and thoughtfully blended to promote deep healing and radiance. Our naturally fragrant things are free from synthetic fragrance, mineral oils, sulphates, parabens and other undesirable chemicals. Most of our products do not contain any preservatives at all; we only use natural preservatives and antioxidants where necessary.

We believe wellness springs from a well of self love, and living kindly includes being kind to yourself. To love yourself is a life-long romance, an incessant work in progress that deepens with routine self care. We hope that our fragrant things will inspire you to fall in love with yourself by establishing touch with your skin. Our dream is that our lovingly handmade products will become a blissful part of your daily self care ritual, that they not only bless you with gorgeous skin, but also provide you with a momentary retreat from the vivid dance of life.