Orange Patisserie Chocolate Bar


Orange Patisserie Chocolate Bar


Our fine chocolates are works of art inspired by our fragrances, in collaboration with award-winning British chocolatier to the Royals, Aneesh Popat. 

The addictive Orange Patisserie Chocolate Bar is dark chocolate infused with caramelised hazelnut crumble for a moreish crunchy texture, flavoured with orange, vanilla, ginger and cardamon for a sophisticated citrus spicy palate. Adorned with crystallised candied peel and 23ct edible gold leaf. 

Because we believe in both wellness and pleasure!

Ingredients: 70% Domincican (cacao,
cocoa butter, sugar, SOYA lecithin),
 essential oils (orange, lemon, mandarin, ginger) vanilla, cardamom, candied
orange peel, caramelized HAZELNUTS


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