Flowing With Energy

I set the intention to flow with my energy. It tends to take me hours, sometimes days, to realise I'm flowing against the natural ebb and flow of energy, whether it is my personal energy, the energy around me, or cosmic energy.

Today I've been fighting myself all day until just a moment ago, when I finally softened and recognised I'm just not very well today, my skull is hurting, and I forget I'm still nursing an infection so my body is understandably tired. And it's okay to not be okay.

I need to rest today, doesn't matter if I don't do anything useful or leisurely. If I simply sit here and allow my mind, body and spirit to be still, it is enough.

I want to share in case you are feeling the same too. Sending you a ball of soft marshmallow pink light. May you rest softly within the endlessly blooming petals of your heart today ❤️