On Religion

This morning I attended Sunday service as part of the church choir. Instead of immersing in the sermon, I admired the beautiful architecture of this 12th century church, and contemplated the meaning of the words spoken during communion.


I do not believe in sin. Or asking a deity for forgiveness. Or being good out of fear. Or being subservient to the divine - to anything! I believe in free will and in taking responsibility for myself. Owning my life, forgiving myself, forgiving others. Being good because I'm good to myself. Love because I love and am love.

That is not to say I don’t believe. I believe in the divine, it isn’t just up there, it is in me and you. It is in how we connect with ourselves and everything around us. It is mystery and grace. I would pray for guidance, without fear or dependence.

My connection to the divine is not an organised one. To me, spirituality is personal and intimate. Nevertheless, I marvel at the transformative power of faith, the hope and strength it inspires. Religion makes great art and music, too, devotion inspires creativity of the highest order. I joined the local church choir at the urging of a kindly choir master who heard me serenade myself next door. I sing to soothe myself, I hope to sing to soothe others too. I am in awe of the healing power of sacred music, even if my own philosophy differs. I want to be part of that medicine. In time, I would like to create my own sacred music.

To heal and be healed.