The Gate To Your Heart Is Adorned With Many Bejewelled Locks

When you get away from someone to save yourself constant little heartbreaks, because... 

- You love yourself too much to do that to yourself

- You finally question there must be a better way to heal old wounds than to re-enact them

- You realise you are very much blessed with loved ones who are far more eager to be a part of your life, so why on earth would you hang out with someone who is less than? 

When you are finally ready to move on - and let no one, not even yourself, force you to cross over until you feel truly ready - you know what the best part is? 

By driving out that person who once occupied your heart, you just cleared out a massive space in you to receive so much love and light. And you know just how devastatingly massive that space is, that person who used to be your all. They may not be a bad person at all, in fact, we are all just humans, insecure, flawed, temperamental. Let's not analyse them, walk away simply because you deserve better, the rest is just stories we love to tell ourselves.

The gate to your heart is adorned with many bejewelled locks, each one a lesson. Let only the worthy (respectful, caring, attentive, loving, faithful) enter your kingdom, for you are much too precious.

Abundance of all forms flow freely to you now. I'm excited, are you?