Self Love Slumber Party

It's just what I needed today. Wise words from a soul sister, Samantha, holistic health coach & author, who also happens to be my neighbour. Just as I despaired at my abrupt transformation from warrior princess to fainting damsel, as my impatient little mind protests at the mountain of tasks accumulated whilst I have been mostly bed-ridden since new year. 

I had wanted to kick off our Valentine's campaign at the start of the month - none of the cheesy marketing stuff here, I wanted to focus on self love and shout out to the fabulously single during this OTT time! Valentine's Day is less than a week away, I'm quite behind on everything, and I hate letting people down… BUT in the spirit of self love, I put my tired toddler of an ego to bed and, although it gnawed at me, determined not to work until I felt well enough to do so. I want to be authentic and heart centred in all that I do, my self love journey is as much a work in progress as yours.

Sometimes missing the first wave means the arrival of something far better. Why rush towards the narrow window of a holiday, when we can throw a Self Love Slumber Party for the whole of February? For the rest of this month, each day I will be sharing a Self Care Ritual on social media. I've invited friends, too. Expect wellness inspirations and lovely treats from brands we adore. To get started, we are offering 15% OFF plus FREE GIFTS with website orders throughout February:

FREE Delicate Romance Body & Massage Oil Roll-on on orders over £25
FREE Delicate Romance Travel Candle on orders over £60
Use code SELFLOVE at checkout for 15% off your entire order

As usual, it's FREE delivery & complimentary sample on ALL orders. Because you're worth it.

Tag us using the hashtag #selfcareritual. Show us how you pamper your gorgeous self!

Lastly, can we please send some love vibe to my superhero Dominic, who has been packing all your orders and generally being awesome while I'm a swooning swan. 

Love & Light,

Lola x