Inner Light Ritual

To stoke our inner light through the practice of self care.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’d be familiar with Inner Light Rituals, which I used to call Self Care Rituals. It’s basically my cheat’s guide to wellness.

Most of us don’t have the time or inclination to meditate for an hour or yoga at 7am. We don’t have a personal chef to conjure up the perfect meals or the budget to afford weekly beauty treatments. Many of us are also lovely people who happen to eat meat and drink wine!

At Lola’s Apothecary, we believe in both wellness AND pleasure. That’s why we make proper fine chocolates and the most indulgent, award-winning bath treats and candles.

I’m passionate about sharing the epiphany that a charmed life is in the details and is accessible to everybody. Who wouldn’t want to lead that Instagram-worthy life of beautiful food and seemingly effortless chic?

Well my love, start by spending 1 extra minute to plate up your food nicely, a twist of pepper and a sprinkling of herbs or zest can elevate your daily sustenance into a sacred act of joyous self love.

To transform the daily cleansing necessity? Light a candle and make a cuppa to go with your bath, 🎁gift🎁 yourself at least half an hour to honour your temple.

If you take a shower, lovingly massage a body oil all over wet skin afterwards - it only takes a minute or so and you’ll feel and smell like a ⭐️goddess⭐️

We created the Inner Light Ritual Gift Set in 3 signature fragrances. Pictured here is Sweet Lullaby. It’s the perfect set to replenish your inner light with a fragrant candle lit bath, complimented by wellness tea sweetened with raw honey.