Your Divinity Is Calling

When obstacles arise on the way to your dreams, there are always alternatives being presented if you look around. This is the universe checking in to see if you're still committed to your cause, by offering a route to retreat as well as fresh solutions that may actually work better than your original plan!

Consider this: a part of you would be relieved if this falls through, so you can sink back into the safety of familiar circumstances, even if they choke you. Your ego would say, oh well, not meant to be. Like a frenemy who doesn't want you to succeed, just so she can comfortably share your mutual idleness. 

Your ego wants you to hang back, because her job is to keep you safe even if it means keeping you caged. Are you going to sit with the dust bunnies of forgotten dreams, or are you going to hoover them up and decorate your heart with your sparkling wishes come true?

Your divinity is calling. Don't give up. With each step you dare to take towards the stars, miracles will pave the way ⭐️

Pictured is Bathing Rituals Travel Set, a set of 5 very cute bath oils, each extraordinarily concentrated bottle contains 12 baths. A gorgeous gift set that is also perfect for dividing into stocking fillers. You're spoilt for choice, just like the many ways your dreams can unfold πŸŽ‰πŸ’—πŸ™πŸ˜‡