Bite-size Mindfulness


Meditation is pretty amazing. You sit still in what is effectively a mind blank for a while and it's scientifically proven to improve brain functions and general health. It even alludes to admission into the club of spiritual sophistication of which all self-respecting beauties and gurus are members. It's free, you can do it anywhere, so why isn't everybody meditating?

Many of you will no doubt echo my sentiment: who on earth has time to sit around for an hour? And maybe you don't relate to the new age vibe that is often associated with meditation either.

I prefer this definition offered by Alexa, co-founder of The Mindfulness Project - mindfulness or meditation is like gym for the mind. You don't need to be Buddhist or a socialite with loads of free time to take it up; in fact, meditation is perfect for you if you live a busy life. I like to cook up new ways to add some 'bite-size' mindfulness to my day, anything from just a couple of minutes to half an hour if I get comfy on the yoga mat. Here is one of my mini practices, I hope you'll try it and gain some clarity and calm for your day too :)

1. Sit somewhere comfortable and warm. You can roll out the yoga mat if you feel like it, but a chair or the floor as long as you are at ease is great.

2. Warm some Golden Elixir between your palms - choose a fragrance that suits your mood. The Lavender fragrance is sweet and soothing, Rose (pictured) is feminine and embracing, Neroli is fresh and graceful.

3. Place palms in front of your face, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, inhaling the therapeutic fragrance. Breathe all the way into your belly, gently, slowly.

4. Sit still for a few minutes just savouring the scent. Imagine the fragrance envelopes you, forming a cocoon. You may notice other parts of your body waking up, say hello and relax a bit more. Any thought that comes into your head, let it get carried away by the swirling fragrance and fall back into the cosy feeling again.

5. Feel good, it's all about ease. Slowly open your eyes and come back to the room when it feels good to do so. It can be 5 minutes or 20. Follow your bliss.

If you live in London, The Mindfulness Project runs mindfulness workshops in their airy space in central London, with a secular and evidence-based approach that aims to make mindfulness more accessible:

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